Data Collection Pole 6 Ft to 12 Ft

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Data Collection Pole

The Data Collection pole and kit give the technician the ability to stay on the ground in a safe position, away from heat sources and working equipment in order to collect the data required to maintain the reliability of their equipment. The smooth grip tip holds the magnet and accelerometer in place to prevent loosening: no need to re-tighten. Non-slip and easy to use, length can be changed using a one touch lever that locks the poles securely in place.  The Safety Extension Pole is 6 Foot and 9 Inches retracted and 12 Foot and 3 Inches extended (2.1 Meters to 3.7 Meters).

  • WAP-102 Comes with two magnets:
    • One 50 lb. magnet for flat surface styles and one 50 lb. two pole magnet (rail magnet) for round surfaces include a 1/4 - 28 setscrews.
  • WAP-102-S Comes with the Flat Magnet REM_110a with a include a 1/4 - 28 setscrew: refer to third picture.
  • Either Safety Pole also included is an Extension Kit:
    • This pole is designed for everyday use and can eliminate the bending and stretching associated with normal accelerometer placement plus provide a safe procedure in dangerous situations. The Extension Kit enables the user to customize the Pole to reach those very difficult and dangerous locations. The head joint is manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Our Accelerometer/Sensor A-607A11 is best suited for our Safety Extension Poles.