Better Business Bureau
    Max Porter discovered his passion for Mathematics and Engineering when he was just a young student at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). At 18 years old, he decided to major in Mathematics.
   His passion grew from the university to a career as a Project Manager for a telecommunications company that is known today as AT&T. Max worked for 40 years with the company and had the opportunity to work alongside engineers and vibration analysis experts. He was able to expand his knowledge of mechanical engineering and mechanical rotating vibration analysis. He found an entirely new field that challenged and inspired him.
   When it came time to retire from AT&T, Max was approached with the idea of creating a business that provided accessories and testing equipment for the vibration analysis and engineering fields. Max knew he wanted to continue to work in this motivating and enriching environment.
In 2000, he created PorterMax, Inc. with the idea of manufacturing the most innovative and reliable products on the market while providing excellent customer service and guaranteed quality.
   PorterMax Inc. has continued to grow over the last 18 years, adding new products and staying up to date on the newest advances in the industry. Max takes great pride in ensuring his customers are satisfied and strives to make PorterMax Inc. the most trusted supplier of all your vibration analysis needs.