CSI 2130 & CSI 2140 Coiled Cable 5 Pin Turck To 2 Pin Mil Connector

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CSI 2130 & CSI 2140 Channel "A" Accelerometer/Hammer Straight Cable vibration input coiled cable with 5 pin TURCK Connector to 2 socket Military Connector. Cable is shielded and has a retracted length 2 FT. and an extended length 10 FT. Cable Assembly weighs 9.6 oz., coil diameter is 0.75 inches and cord diameter is 0.21 inches. Connects to the yellow TURCK Accelerometer input on the CSI 2130/2140.

 This cable connects the Emerson/CSI 2130 or 2140 Analyzer to a sensor/accelerometer.

The analyzer studies the vibration signal that is read and produces a report if there are signs of wear and damage.  Data collected from the current measurements can be compared to previous measurements and a history of the machine can be documented.

Note: The Cable can be ordered with a Right Angle TURCK 5 Pin Connector.