CSI 2140 Accelerometer Channel Splitter Cable 5 Pin TURCK Straight Male Connector to Dual BNC-F Connector

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CSI 2140 ACCELEROMETER CHANNELS A & B Splitter 5 Pin M12 Male TURCK to Dual BNC-F, 8 Inch. (20 cm), Red (Channel A) & Blue (Channel B)   

  • Cable is 8 Inch. Long (20 cm)
  • Cable provides capability to collect data on two (2) channels in each program simultaneously.  

We have completely redesigned the CSI ACCEL Splitter Cable to improve their durability and reliability. This is just one example of the effort we put into our products to make them better for our customers.


CSI 2140 ACCELEROMETER CHANNELS C & D Splitter 8-Pin M12 Male TURCK to Dual BNC-F Connectors, Straight Cable with Grey (Channel C) & Black (Channel D) designations  


  • Cable is 8 Inch. Long (20 cm) 
  • Cable provides capability collect data on two (2) channels in each program simultaneously.


These cable adapters allow the user to connect the Emerson CSI 2140 Analyzer to two different sensors/accelerometers via Channel A & B or C & D of the Analyzer and thus quicken the measurement process. The analyzer studies the vibration signal that is read and produces a report if there are signs of wear and damage. Data collected from the current measurements can be compared to previous measurements and a history of the machine can be documented.


Available in 2 models:

- C-B21 (A & B Channels, Red & Blue) 

- C-B22 (C & D Channels, Grey & Black) 

Note: this cable is available in custom lengths; email orders@portermax.com for a quote.