CSI 2130 SMART Battery Charger - External

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SMART Charger With Microprocessor Control, Compatible with CSI 2130 Analyzers. This charger is a SMART charger like the original unit that came standard with the analyzer. Please note that this charger is used to charge the Battery Pack outside of the CSI 2130 (not installed in the CSI 2130 Analyzer) and must be plugged directly into the output connector of the Battery Pack and is ideal for charging back up battery packs. It is ideally suited to the technician that may not use their analyzer more than 1-2 times a week and needs to leave the Data Collector on charge for immediate use: the Smart Charger is the very best Battery Charger that can be purchased.  Charger comes with a cord that connects it to the AC  outlet.  # Microprocessor controlled # Trickle charging cycle # Fast charging cycle # Negative delta V charge cutoff (PVD available) # Detects abnormal battery conditions # LED status indicator # Durable enclosure # Best quality charger on the market.