Balancing Cable BNC-M Connector to 2 Socket Military Connector

Brand: Portermax

Product Code: C-400-2

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Balancing Polyurethane Cable with BNC-M Connector to a 2 Socket Military Connector 


  • Offered in 14 lengths
  • Offered with 5 different Color Boots (with Black being the standard color)
  • Armored Cable Option available for 6 Ft. (1.83 m) and 30 Ft. (9.14 m) models
  • Coiled Cable Option available for 2 Ft. (61 cm) model
  • PVC Outer jacket
  • Oil resistant, Silicone-free & Flame retardant
  • The BNC-M is cold welded to the cable and the 2 Pin Military Connector is potted with epoxy to assure reliability. 

Cable is designed for Robotic applications, and will work from +23°F to +158°F (-5°C to +70°C) for moving applications, and +5°F to +158°F (-15°C to +70°C) for fixed applications. 

* NOTE: some models ( 2 foot, 5 Foot, 15 foot, 35 Foot, 350 Foot, Right Angle Turck, armored desing or coiled design to name a few) are non-stock and may require 5 business days to ship.  If you neeed to verify what we have in stock email a request to

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