CSI Dual Channel Volt Adapter, 25-Pin To 2 BNC Version 1 - For CSI-2130 Analyzer

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Dual Channel Volt Adapter, 25-Pin D-Sub To 2 each BNC-F


Works only with CSI-2130 Analyzer. This adapter connects to the 25 Pin D-Sub Connector on the CSI-2130 and provides 2 BNC-F Connectors for dual-channel volts (non-powered) input.

A typical application would be for measuring displacement probes from a continuous monitoring panel to perform shaft orbit analysis.

This adapter is not for use with previously-released analyzers, and is blue in color to distinguish it as a “CSI 2130 Only” adapter.

Likewise, the A0628BV Dual-Channel “Buffered” Volts Input Adapter should not be used with the CSI 2130 because the buffering has been built into the analyzer.