CSI 2130/2140 404B (B40405) Powering Cable

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CSI 2130/2140 CSI Compatible Model 404B infrared PHOTOTACH Powering Cable, straight 6 foot long with a BNC-M Connector, AMP/TYCO Connector and a DC Plug 2.5mm X 5.5mm. When used with Emerson's Machinery Health Analyzers, the PHOTOTACH Accessory provides a TACH reference signal for applications that include measurement of turning speed, synchronous time averaging , machine balancing, phase tracking and coastdown/startup analysis. Cable is designed to work +23 degrees F to 158 degrees F for moving applications and a +5 degree to +158 degrees F for fixed applications. Note: this cable can be made in other lengths: contact us for price and availability at orders@portermax.com.