COMMTEST Analyzer Refurbished Batteries

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THIS BATTERY IS OUT OF STOCK; IF YOU ORDER IT, WE REQUIRE YOU TO SHIP US YOUR OLD USED, IN GOOD CONDITION, BATTERY CORE/CASE AND WE WILL REFURBISH IT AND RETURN IT WITH THE REBATE. Fits CommTest Profiler Analyzer Data Collectors. This is a refurbished original Battery Assembly Unit with a new Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) Battery. Please note some older Battery Chargers may not be compatible with the NIMH Battery. Along with receipt of the refurbished Battery Assembly, you will receive a "Battery Return Authorization" form that entitles you to a $50.00 rebate.NOTE: we will give you a $50.00 rebate for all old CommTest Profiler Analyzer Data Collectors Batteries you ship to us! NOTE: THIS PRODUCT SOLD ONLY IN THE USA DOMESTIC MARKET.If you are an International Customer, special arrangements must be made.