CSI 2130 VBX Vibration Stroboscope

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Vibration Stroboscope Kit 115/230V for model 2130 Data Collector. The Vibration-Strobe (vbx) kit interfaces with the CSI 2120 Analyzer. 

Built for portable applications, the vbx is the perfect lightweight phase analysis tool. The vbx allows for the measurement of phase without stopping the machinery to install reflective tape. Phase analysis is quick and accurate using the Filter Bandwidth Selector and the Relative Phase Adjustment.  This product is a non-stock item for PorterMax and needs to be ordered from the Manufacture.

  • Operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute. 
  • Uniquely designed to provide precise, instantaneous synchronization to a number of data collectors and FFT analyzers triggered by an accelerometer.
  • Unique "Tracking Filter" maintains phase lock to input pulse.
  • Can be powered and triggered by accelerometers with or without data collectors. 
  • Includes interconnect cables.  

This strobe/tachometer is non-stock and PorterMax will order it from the manufacture.