100 mV/g Swivel Low Profile 20ft Cable

Brand: PorterMax

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Connector. Please advise if you do not need a connector such as a BNC. Note: we can also attach a TURCK or D-Sub Connector (CSI), LEMO Connector (Rockwell Entek, or Fisher Connector (SKF). Please email to orders@portermax.com.   This accelerometer/sensor is best suited for our Safety Extension Poles.

The technician can obtain reliable data in challenging environments with patented Swiveler Accelerometer. It is ideal for industrial vibration monitoring applications including:
* Safety Extension Poles
* Dusty test sites
* Confined spaces
* Underwater applications
* Potentially-explosive applications.
The Swiveler is available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 feet versions and has a Lifetime Warranty.  This is a non-stock item.

IMI Model 607A11/030 + BNC